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Value Engineering

Value Engineering (VE) in its original context is not a bad thing – it is a process conducted by engineers, contractors, building owners and others in the construction industry to optimize the resources (money, time, materials) available, without compromising the quality of the building.

Unfortunately, it has become a cost-cutting practice that can compromise the building and sometimes results in higher costs for the owner. This is especially true when it comes to substituting plastic for cast iron. In fact, a recent study of plumbing engineers found that 61% of VE requests they received were not in the client’s best interest.

There are solid reasons that an engineer specifies a product as the most suitable material for an application, and those reasons should be strongly considered during the value engineering process. To help in the decision-making process, here are a few resources that can help you decide whether to use cast iron or plastic pipe and fittings. These tools can also be used to help protect engineer’s specifications.

Value Engineering Considerations (Brochure with Checklist!)
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Article Reprint – Value Engineering Has Gone Too Far

Sound Design in Drain, Waste and Vent Lines [172k pdf]

Cast Iron Brochure
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New Survey Finds That Value Engineering Is on the Rise Despite Negative Outcomes

Value Engineering Checklist [667k pdf]

Article Reprint: Navigating the PVC Value-Engineering Proposal
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Value Engineering Commercial DWV with Foam Core PVC (PHCPPros Article)

Article Reprint: PVC or Cast Iron Soil Pipe for Commercial Underground Drainage?

Help Avoid Value Engineering Problems and Litigation [167k pdf]

Value Engineering: Avoid Litigation by Choosing Right Material for Right Job

University Sues Endowment Re: Plumbing Issue

Value Engineering Survey Results

Whitepaper: Navigating the PVC VE Proposal  [98k pdf]

Installing PVC Pipe in Underground Applications  [408k pdf]

PHCP PROS: Value Engineering Commercial DWV with Foam Core PVC  [911k pdf]

Featured Project

Featured Project: Charlotte Pipe Cast Iron Foundry [187k pdf]


If the cast iron pipe in plumbing engineer's specs were only a suggestion, they'd be called suggestifications. [153k pdf]

Suggestifications - a vague description or loose assessment of what a job may or may not need. [109k pdf]

They call it value engineering for a reason. You're losing value.


Featured Project: Salem Hospital [593k pdf]

Featured Project: Ochsner Health [311k pdf]

Featured Project: Cambria Hotel [446k pdf]

Featured Project: One Vanderbilt Office Tower [924k pdf]

Featured Project: TX Whiskey Distillery [1020k pdf]

"I've Been in Plumbing Over 40 Years, and I Couldn't Identify it." - Joe Messina [1893k pdf]

Quiet House: "A No-Brainer." - Jason Classen [449k pdf]

Let the Data Drive the Decision - Ross Herring [820k pdf]

Jason Brownlie on the False Economy of PVC Below Ground [1816k pdf]

Warren Maddox on Through Penetration of Fire-rated Assemblies. [136k pdf]

Nick Cantu: Choosing cast iron or PVC for day spa [165k pdf]

Ralph Ferrell: False economy of PVC firewall/floorslab penetrations [122k pdf]

Michael Smith: Correctional facilities secured from the drains up [1579k pdf]

Broc Thiele: Value of using a VE checklist [1558k pdf]

Brian Tym: Noise abatement and PVC [648k pdf]

Steven Weinberger: Value enhancement [651k pdf]

Kelly Ireland: Longevity of cast iron [569k pdf]

Case Study: "What's Dumber Thank Hitting Cast Iron Pipe With A Hammer?" [1911k pdf]

Other Value Engineering Articles

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Case Studies

Case Study: University of Nevada Las Vegas [513k pdf]

Case Study: Oklahoma State University (OSU) Plumbing System Failure [120k pdf]

Case Study: Gillespie County Jail [1579k pdf]

Case Study: Commercial Kitchens [1558k pdf]

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Made in the USA

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Measuring Sound

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